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First Visit

Our mission statement is simple:
We provide world-class dentistry with a hometown touch.

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We base everything in our practice on this statement.  Much of this philosophy begins with listening to our patients’ concerns and educating our patients to understand their needs. Our doctors believe that patients need to be informed about every aspect of their dental treatment. We also place a high value in patient education. We want to make sure our patients know about the relationship between their dental and medical health. Information is now available that connects poor oral health with poor overall health, and we can advise you regarding these connections.

You can also be confident that our office has a commitment to continuing education. Your treatment will be based on the latest scientific dental research.

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Here are some of our core beliefs :

  • We believe in comprehensive treatment planning.  This means that we always try to look at the whole mouth from the beginning rather than just treating one tooth at a time.  We believe this gives patients the “big picture”. We believe patients make the best decisions on how to treat an individual tooth when they know the condition of all of their teeth.
  • We believe our patients deserve to be offered the best dentistry in the world, right here in Greeneville, TN.  World class dentistry with a hometown touch.
  • We believe that spending time listening to patients and educating patients is essential to long term success.  We want to team up with our patients as we care for them.
  • We believe that one size does not fit all.  We offer multiple options whenever possible to balance cost, time, and patients’ desires.
  • We believe in making a positive difference in our patients’ lives and in our community
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When you arrive for your first visit, please be prepared to complete all insurance and health information forms that will allow us to begin your dental treatment and to help us get acquainted.  For your convenience, you may also download the forms through out website and bring them with you.  Please also bring or email any previous records you might have well ahead of your appointment so that our doctors can review them.

On your first visit, you will meet with Jonathon M. Rogers, DMD or Edward J. Carlone, DDS and their assistants. The doctor will do a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your dental health.  Any necessary x-rays will be obtained at this visit to ensure we can be thorough in our examination.  We will take x-rays, photographs, and chart your teeth and gum conditions.  Our doctors will then discuss their findings with you and together with you compose a comprehensive treatment plan addressing all of your dental concerns.  If possible, we will always give you multiple options to address your problems in a way that balances cost, time, and your desires.  We will take the time to answer all of your questions.


Based upon the condition of your teeth and gums as well as your risk for gum disease and cavities, we will determine what type of cleaning you need and you will be scheduled with one of our excellent hygienists to begin your hygiene care.  New adult patients will not receive a cleaning on their first visit as our doctors needs to first determine what type of cleaning our patients need before reserving the appropriate amount of time with the hygiene team.

We will also evaluate your dental insurance (if any) to give you an estimate of your benefits and how your insurance may help you pay for your care.  We will offer financing options if needed to try to remove financial barriers to our patients getting the care they want and need.

Contact us today to schedule your new patient experience with us!