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At Rogers Family Dental, our doctors are committed to bringing you world class dentistry with a hometown touch.  We believe that the quality of dentistry you will receive is at a level found in any major city in the world, yet we treat you like family.  Here are a few of the services we offer for general dental treatment:


Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) Sedation

At Rogers Family Dental, we know that dentistry can be stressful for some of our patients.  While we will strive to always provide comfortable care, we know that the anxiety of a dental visit can overwhelm some people, often due to a past history of bad experiences.  Our doctors can use nitrous oxide to help relax our patients and reduce their anxiety.  Nitrous oxide works to lightly sedate patients and make them more comfortable, but has the unique benefit of moving in and out of a patient’s system within a matter of minutes, so there is never a time where a patient has to worry about driving home groggy.  We offer nitrous oxide sedation at no charge to our patients.


Composite restorations (tooth colored fillings)

For years, the only reliable material for restoring decayed or broken teeth was silver amalgam.  Over the last 20 years, advances have been made in dental materials which have made tooth-colored composite fillings a superior alternative to silver fillings.  Tooth colored composites are bonded into the tooth to restore both function and appearance.  Rogers Family Dental uses only the best materials available for your restorations to obtain excellent strength and esthetics.

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A crown is a permanent covering that fits over an original tooth that is either decayed, damaged or cracked. In our office, we use several different types of crowns depending on a patient’s need and preference.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

Porcelain Fused to Metal dental crowns consist of porcelain that is applied to and then bonded onto a metal substructure in a high-heat oven. These crowns are strong, durable and offer you a natural,  tooth-like appearance.  For years, this was the most common crown used in dentistry and it is still used in some circumstances today.

All-Ceramic Crowns

Technology now makes it possible to offer crowns and bridges without using metal.  Ceramic crown materials today can match and in some cases exceed the strength of metal while far surpassing metal crowns in their appearance. This is possible due to new materials such as zirconia, which replaces the metal as the support system of the crown. Zirconia is a high-tech ceramic material that is characterized by its outstanding strength and esthetics.  LAVA zirconia crowns by 3M and E.max ceramic crowns by Ivoclar Vivadent are the common all ceramic crown types used in our office.  In addition, Rogers Family Dental uses only all ceramic crowns made by the highest quality laboratories always made 100% in the USA.

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Root Canals

If tooth decay extends to the center of the tooth, it may infect the pulp or nerve of the tooth.  The infection spreads down the root and out the end of the tooth, forming an abscess which can create intense pain and a classic “toothache” feeling.  The body cannot cure the infection because once the tooth is infected, the blood supply to it breaks down, so there is now a source of infection inside the tooth that the immune system cannot cure.  For the same reason, antibiotics cannot “cure” an infected tooth, they only shrink the abscess outside the tooth temporarily but do not get to the source.

The idea behind a root canal is to remove the source of the infection from inside the root, sterilize the root, and seal it against further bacterial contamination.  Root canals have a very high long term success rate, and though many people are concerned when they hear about this treatment option, we at Rogers Family Dental can assure you that when performed properly, root canals are not painful and can make the difference between saving the tooth and having to replace it.  In many offices, general dentists are not comfortable doing a lot of their own root canals and refer patients to an endodontist (root canal specialist), but here at Rogers Family Dental, our doctors have special continuing education training in advanced endodontics (root canals) and perform most of our root canals in our office.  We use the same techniques as root canal specialists for our root canals including doing our root canal treatment under high magnification.

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Sometimes, there is no choice but to remove a tooth.  Our office does many of our patients’ extractions in-office and will ensure that a tooth extraction is a comfortable experience for our patients.  We use nitrous oxide sedation to relax our patients as well as local anesthesia.  We also offer many great tooth replacement options in the event an extraction is needed.

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We love implant dentistry!  Dr. Jon places many implants right here in our office using 3D CT imaging to guide their placement so you often do not need to see a specialist.  Both of our doctors are very experienced in ALL aspects of implant dentistry.  See our page about implants for more information!